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A New Spin To Classic Rock

What's better than blending some good ol' jazz sounds with some of your favorite rock music? NOTHING! Here's a personal favorite.

"Light My Fire," a signature song of The Doors off their first album titled "The Doors" in 1967, has a long, lengthy, and controversial history. A song that got the group banned from the Ed Sullivan show for not changing the lyric "Girl we couldn't get much higher" during their 1967 show performance has now got a new jazzy tone to it.

Young Holt Unlimited - Light My Fire

Both the saxophone and trumpet are ear cathching in this piece. The piano is a great replacement for the organ (considering the organ made this song quite easy to throw a jazz spin to it).

And if you need it with the lyrics, here is the Young Holt Unlimited once again featuring Jackie Wilson and Erma Franklin on vocals.

And in case you're wondering what the fuss was over the Ed Sullivan show performance was about, here it is. Remember, the word "higher" was not something you could say on network television back in 1967. So when Jim Morrison deliberately used it instead of changing the lyric as he promised... well, it's easy to see why the group was never invited back.

Mixing jazz and rock together wasn't uncommon. In fact, the whole fusion sub category of jazz was exactly this combination. But I think the jazzy version of "Light My Fire" is a great example of how a song can change dramatically just by giving it a different melody and instrumentation. One style is more aggresive while the other is smooth and mellow. You got to love music! The possibilities are limitless! Enjoy!

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In a Mellow Tone

Awww... Ella and Ben do it again. I just heard this song last night for the first time on 88.1FM KJAZZ and fell in love with it. It's a great mix of her unique, raspy voice paired with a sultry saxophone. This is just one of many other Duke Ellington tunes the pair collaborated on. Enjoy!

Takin' Five...

The Jazz Spazz