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Welcome to my jazz blog!Jazz music is a true passion of mine that was so graciously taught to me by some AMAZING musicians. Luckily, jazz was an accidental discovery of mine. When I say accidental, I mean I originally took a jazz history course in school in search of what I called "lounge" music (ex. Peggy Lee's Fever) but instead stumbled upon one of the most diverse, creative, and captivating genres of music. Needless to say, finding and learning about jazz has truly given me a greater appreciation for music and its creation.

Here I'll be sharing videos, songs, pictures, artist info, suggestions, and, hopefully, personal jazz concert experiences! Please bear in mind that I don't necessarily understand the technical structure of music (note combination, chord progressions, etc.), but I do know what I like and what sounds good.

With jazz being a beautiful combination of blues, improvisation, polyrhythms, and syncopation, there's a sound and style of jazz for everyone's taste. Take the time to discover which style is for you and enjoy what this blog is all about... jazz. Feel free to comment!

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